Words For 2017

Here are the printed words from the Elders of CCC.  Each one is a different facet of what the Lord is saying for this year.  It is refreshing and encouraging to hear what is coming and to see it take shape in upcoming events.  Every event is designed to intentionally disciple us into the ways of God and those events follow what the Lord has said.  Take these to heart and meditate on them as the year progresses


January 9 was our first prayer breakfast

January 9 was our first Radiance Prayer Breakfast!  We want to thank Brenda Hubbard and her team headed by Frances Durden, Laguna Edinburgh, and Faye Rousch who shared the word and led us in intercession.    

We were able to hear how powerful synergy is when we pray and agree together.  We were activated when we   dialed the prayer line 
(218-895-2854 pass code 13130805#) to experience the simplicity of technology connecting us next month at 7:00 am
 on the first week.    



I donned the shirt today! Actually, it is more like a cape! If you have ever participated in a Tough Mudder (full),you know exactly what I am talking about. It is a 11.6 mile, 24+ obstacle course in a whole lot of mud. Once you complete this course, they reward you with a headband and a t-shirt. Every time I wear the t-shirt, I feel this sense of invincibility. My senses are heightened, I feel faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and I feel  like I can leap over a tall building in a single bound. And I proved my invincibility today.