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Blog – updated January 2018


WAIT TIME is a strategy used by educators to give students a period of silence to think about the question and their consequent response. Every conversation does not involve a line of questioning, but could you imagine how powerful WAIT TIME could be in a conversation? Words carry a seismic capability that will not only disrupt our world, but words were actually used to frame the very land we tread today.

When our response is too immediate, this flesh that we are clothed in chomps at the bit to speak for our heart before our spirit man has a chance to do so. You don’t believe me? Try it! Say the first thing that comes to your mind after reading each of these statements:
1. I can’t believe he cheated on her
2. Another man was gunned down in Little Woods
3. A gay pride parade is coming to your city
Now pause if you will, for 10 seconds. Allow your Spirit man to respond. See each situation as God does. 
Respond as if you were Jesus walking into each scenario. Through His lens we are more inclined to give heed to exhortation and not judgement. The meditation of our heart and words of our mouth will be acceptable unto God and edifying to man-kind. Ours is not to point out the flaws of others; neither is it to cast stones or locate beams in anyone’s eye. Let us comfort one another with words. The judgement seat is not for you or me. Let us be careful in our conversations; even those held in the privacy of our homes. 
Sure, we find ourselves in conversations where we are required to posit our perspectives, but more times than not we fall victim to the 5 o’clock news, Facebook, or Twitter. We make ourselves co-anchors and columnist. How profound would it be if we aligned our speech with the word of God when we offer our unsolicited commentaries. 
As I approach the new year, I’m going to challenge myself to PAUSE before I opine on anything. 
Will you accept the #PAUSE challenge too?
Then pray this prayer with me:
Lord, I wait on You to give me the right words to say, if I should say anything at all. Holy Spirit, gentle man, I allow you to have your perfect work in me. As a minister of Your good news, I want to spread words that give life and not death, words that exhort and not judge; words that edify and not condemn. Captivate my heart, take control of my mind, let integrity and uprightness preserve my speech. Let my advise to others be blanketed in wise counsel. Let my words reflect my heart and let my heart reflect your love.
en el nombre de Jesus

Past Events & Resources




An Informal Cornerstone Radiance Gathering
SAT, JANUARY 13, 2018
We want to hear from you!! Join us for an informal discussion and a time of food and fun. Bring your own lunch or $3 to purchase one. 


A Cornerstone Radiance Gathering
FRI & SAT, OCTOBER 27-28, 2017
One night only. Join us for fellowship, fun and RELAXATION! Grab 3 friends and book a room at the Hyatt Place Biloxi, Mississippi. Rooms available from $142 per night.  Call Brenda Hubbard at 507-246-6598 for details.




Friday evening special worship service, followed by a welcome dessert and coffee reception; Saturday dynamic speakers, life-changing workshops, catered lunch, special worship and great fellowship opportunities


JULY 15, 2017


The Summer Radiance Gathering centered around Purpose and Potential, and it was an amazing time of growing and sharing.
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Below are additional links to the teachings and resources shared during the past few weeks… Enjoy!

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