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A Cornerstone Radiance Gathering
FRI & SAT, OCTOBER 27-28, 2017
One night only. Join us for fellowship, fun and RELAXATION! Grab 3 friends and book a room at the Hyatt Place Biloxi, Mississippi. Rooms available from $142 per night.  Call Brenda Hubbard at 507-246-6598 for details.




Friday evening special worship service, followed by a welcome dessert and coffee reception; Saturday dynamic speakers, life-changing workshops, catered lunch, special worship and great fellowship opportunities


JULY 15, 2017


The Summer Radiance Gathering centered around Purpose and Potential, and it was an amazing time of growing and sharing.
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I donned the shirt today! Actually, it is more like a cape! If you have ever participated in a Tough Mudder (full) you know exactly what I am talking about. It is a 11.6 mile, 24+ obstacle course in a whole lot of mud. Once you complete this course, they reward you with a headband and a t-shirt. Every time I wear the t-shirt, I feel this sense of invincibility. My senses are heightened, I feel faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and I feel  like I can leap over a tall building in a single bound. And I proved my invincibility today.
 You see, today wasn’t an ordinary Saturday morning march around the dome for prayer. Today, I saved a woman’s life. We began to circle the dome, reciting the Our Father prayer. The sun shone just perfectly, the wind blew just enough, man, it was a gorgeous day. We walked at a swift pace, It could have been a stampede if we did not watch ourselves. 
The sun shone just perfectly, the wind blew just enough, man, it was a gorgeous day. We walked at a swift pace, It could have been a stampede if we did not watch ourselves. 
Suddenly, I heard a cell phone crash to the ground. Without missing a step, I swiftly picked up the phone, did a spin move to regain my place in the march, and handed the damsel her phone, all in one breath. I returned her precious life line, not once but twice. Yes, she dropped it again! This time, no one else tried to help. I think they realized the power of the shirt and new my invincibility would kick in again.
And then it happened. Father began to tell me about the super powers He has given me. I chuckled when He said the Holy Spirit is my Tough Mudder. His sense of humor always gets me, speaks right to my heart. He wasn’t saying I had an obstacle course in me, rather He has endued me with a power from on high. He reminded me of I Corinthians 14, the chapter that I have been studying all week. 
The chapter talks about a desire to cultivate the spiritual gifts from God. My heart picked up on a nugget in that reading. Verse 2 says,
2 For one who speaks in an [unknown] tongue speaks not to men but to God, 
for no one understands or catches his meaning, because in the [Holy] Spirit he utters secret truths and hidden things [not obvious to the understanding].AMPC
Father also said that I just needed to dig deeper into the word to learn all of the abilities I had in Him. To fully grasp the power that He has given, I must study His word and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede for me. Now that is powerful, I get super powers that come with a manuscript!
Father, thank you for the gift of tongues that edify and improve me, thank you for Your word that continually teaches me, Your word that became flesh and died for me. I pray that you continue to give me wisdom and understanding, that you remove scales from my eyes, piece by piece, and that you continue to seal the instructions on my heart. You know my desire – to be like Jesus. Strip me of everything that is not like Him, purge me of those things that are not fragrant to Your nostrils, help me to walk in a fuller revelation of You, in Jesus name. Amen.

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