Alive Youth Summer Camp

June 10-13, 2022

grades 9-12
Limited spots available.
Pray for our youth as they make plans to fellowship, learn about God’s promises and grow together as a body of believers. Limited spots available. See Youth Pastors Maverick and Dinah Henderson for details.

Fearless Youth Camp

JUNE 28-JULY 1, 2022

grades 6-8
Limited spots available.
Last chance to get on board! Limited spots available. See Fearless Youth leaders Monique Cheatam and Mindy Carroll for details.

Fearless Youth

Sundays, 6-7pm at Cornerstone 

Cornerstone’s brand new FEARLESS Youth group is designed for grades 6-8. Hang out, learn and encourage one another. CONTACT US for more information about future group gatherings. Text 850-519-7603 if you’d like to get connected!

Alive Youth Services

Sundays, 6-7pm at Cornerstone

Cornerstone’s Alive Youth group is designed for grades 9-12. Everyone is welcome – bring a friend! Text 504-491-1792 if you’d like to get connected!

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