Cornerstone’s Alive Youth group (grades 8-12) and Fearless Youth group (grades 6-7) meet every Sunday at 6 p.m. Teens in grades 6-12 are challenged to live for Christ through weekly meetings, monthly outings, youth camps and retreats.
If you’re 7th-12th grade, make plans to join us either on a Wed night or at one of the events noted below — and bring a friend!

Alive Youth Services

In Person: Sundays 6-7pm

at Cornerstone
Cornerstone’s Alive Youth group is designed for grades 8-12. Everyone is welcome! Show up on Sundays, from 6-7pm for youth meetings. Remember to bring a mask! Also, subscribe, like, share, and comment on YouTube! We want to hear from you!! Visit cccnola.net/media for a direct link to our social media sites.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Forward to friends and family and ask them to CLICK the link below and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel. You’ll be able to watch our services LIVE on YouTube and go back and watch messages that we live stream from now on.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQP-oDQI9WLrKxiP4SHum_g (Look for the black and green “C” logo!)

“FEARLESS” girls only youth retreat 2019

2018 Summer Camp:


Cornerstone Summer Youth Camp 2018

This year’s camp theme was


It is our hope that not only will did all of our students  return with a complete understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also that they will know how to share the free gift of salvation with others.

Big thank yous to all who participated and served with us during the week. We are so blessed!
– Jason & Mindy Carroll

2018 Summer Youth Camp Skits